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       After 25 years of service with Multnomah County and 4 years of Military service; I have decided to retire from public service and go into private practice. I spent the last 10 years of my career as a Detective gaining experience conducting complex investigations, surveillance, testifying in court, working with all of the agencies in the Portland Metro area, and have 1000's of hours of training/experience.  I am licensed in both Oregon/Washington and look forward to providing outstanding customer service.


What We Provide


Corporate Investigations

We can conduct internal investigations, Workers Compensation, Executive Protection, Internal Fraud cases, hostile termination support, be a liaison with a Law Enforcement Agency conducting an investigation or take the lead, and pre-employment background checks.

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Background Checks

 We do background checks for employment and tenant information verification. We can conduct a consensual national criminal history check, credit check, Lien or judgement search, prior address search, social media search, and numerous other searches to verify information.  Once the Background check is consented to by the applicant or tenant; the requested information is analyzed and then summarized into a detailed report so that the Client can make the best decision.  Whether you’re an individual or an organization, give us a call to schedule a consultation by clicking the button above.


Undercover Investigation

If you are in need of having a trained and experienced investigator or team come into a situation to interact discreetly and then observe and report; this service is for you.  Myself and any investigator that I would use in a team would either be retired Law Enforcement or have years of experience.  If you are in need of undercover operations, give me a call for a free consultation.   



If you are looking for an experienced investigator or need a team to conduct surveillance; JTF Investigative Services is here to assist.  We will keep detailed logs, photographic evidence, and keep you apprised of the information that is being gathered.  I have the resources to make sure the job is done correctly and discreetly.

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What Sets Us Apart


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Oregon Private Investigator License #74536

Washington State Private Investigator License #5090
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Our first priority is to protect your personal information.

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